1.Current Projects
2.Past Projects

Current Projects

:pushpin: Working on them and will be up-dated as soon as I have some tangible outputs.

Past Projects

  1. Actuators for dexterous and agile robots

    A robot is essentialy a bunch of motors coupled with varying load. I believe that without understanding the basic building block of robots which is the actuator (motor), it would be very hard to develop an algorithm which could outperform us. Thus, we will see how to influence various parameters of an actuator for best performance of our robot.

  2. Stoch

    Stoch is the quadruped developed at RBCCPS. The goal of the project is to develope a robust, all-terrain, legged robot.

  3. Smart Intravenous Dripper

    Automation of IV-drippers to prevent backflow of blood and air blockage.

  4. Asimov Robotics

    We developed a custom service robot for HDFC bank.

  5. BLDC drive with CAN commuinication

    An attempt to have a custom BLDC driver which resulted in a great learning for me.