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  1. Basic Robotic arm simulation in Gazebo using ROS and MoveIt
  2. Inter-Process Communication between Python and C using Shared Memory
  3. Non-Blocking I/O in Python and CPP
  4. Installation of few essential softwares in linux


  1. A list of important courses related to robotics
  2. Best advice on math


  1. Motion Planning (.pdf, .html)
  2. Math for Robotics (.pdf, .html)
  3. Basics of a Motor (.pdf, .html)

Other Cool Blogs

  1. Video tutorials of CMake
  2. Dynamic Motion Primitives, Null Space Control, etc..
  3. Gaussian Processes
  4. Snake, CPG, RL
  5. Mecca of Maniupulation
  6. ROS debug
  7. Awesome Robotics Libraries
  8. Design Patterns for Humans
    • Simple example code (a) & (b)
  9. Writing a Linux Kernel Module
  10. What are Control Groups
  11. The Linux Scheduler
  12. Auto Type Deduction in Range-Based For Loops
  13. Nice explanation about ML
  14. Unreal
  15. Multiprocessing
  17. Let me detach those threads for you
  18. How to terminate a C++ std::thread?
  19. git guide
  20. DSP Guru